About AIM-IT


Association of MSMEs in Information Technology (AIM-IT) is India’s 1st premier organisation for Medium, Small and Micro IT enterprises (MSMEs).

Setup in 2015, AIM-IT aspires to create value for MSME - IT in India & contribute significantly to the Indian Economy by playing a catalytic role in shaping up the policy, entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen & capacity building for the country.

AIM-IT brings together innovators, disruptors, start-ups, IT enterprises, government representatives and policy makers together to work in camaraderie & achieve sustainable and holistic economic growth through information technology.

Bringing together MSME, Government, Industry & Policy makers:
  •  To help formulate policy decisions for creating a healthy environment for the growth of MSME in IT fostering trade and industry of India.
  •  To assist MSME-IT in becoming competitive in national and international markets.
  •  To provide a forum to its members for interaction with government, international agencies and intellectuals on issues of interest to MSME-IT.
  •  To create a conducive environment for Indian MSME-IT businesses to compete globally.
  •  To empower Indian MSME-IT enterprise as catalysts of growth in global markets and help them scale, align and emerge as global success stories.

  •  Represent MSME IT sector by articulating the genuine, legitimate needs and interests of its members.
  •  Impact policy and legislative environment in order to contribute to the development & growth of MSME- IT sector in India.
  •  Help define growth and development in today’s Knowledge Society and technology driven world.
  •  Motivate & develop a plan of action to nurture and propel Indian IT MSMEs reach their true potential in India and globally

AIM-IT has a pan-India presence with more than 800 members; a Corporate Offices in New Delhi and Mumbai with strong presence in important geographies, including Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.