Innovation Council

The world is striving for innovation, which changes the way of living. We have many innovations in our present times that have lead us to what we call as modern world which includes Heavy machinery, Micro and Nano Chips, robotic arms, flying machines, Modern Computers and many more.

Each of these innovations has changed the way we live and since the change is continuous, we are ever evolving.  We have made loads of innovations in arms and weapons to defend us as well as to destroy our so called enemies. This cycle of creation, use of creation to make a better living, using the same creation to destroy others is never ending.

Therefore no innovation has pure advantage and pure disadvantage. It is the use or misuse of Science and Technology that leads us from one Equilibrium point to the other.  “Necessity is the mother of creation Or innovation”, so necessity solving one problem leads to creation of a solution, which may in turn lead us to next problem, but nevertheless we have addressed one problem.

When Scientists all around the world are spending billions of dollars to innovate, how should people of this country act to innovate? Either we all blindly copy the West, intelligently copy the west or copy and adopt the Western technology which is best suited for us. In this context, innovation may be an improvement over someone’s creation, but still it is not so original.

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